Founder of the Beautiful Survivor organization, TroQuell Jenkins created this brand after being shot mutiple times by a guy she dated and declared completed paralyzed. She continuously encourages women near, far, and wide to overcome their daily struggles and life altering traumas by trusting in the Lord, Jesus. She believes every woman is beautiful no matter what and is able to push past her inabilities in spite of the many ways life can handicap  her (physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, or financially). Through personal discipleship, weekly small group Bible studies, daily text messages, her social media platform, her t-shirt line, and traveling all over the world to speak she is able to reach many women with the Gospel and her testimonies. 


     After being raised by relatives due to her biological mom’s drug addiction and her dad being killed when she was really young, TroQuell was adopted into a Christian family who helped her grow in her faith in God. Today, she is a student at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary pursuing a BA in Biblical Counseling and Psychology, she faithfully travels to foreign countries to share the Gospel, she leads a ministry in her old neighborhood in hopes to reach the youth, and in 2016 she co/founded the Bible Ministry with her best-friend sharing marked up, pink Bibles in hopes to teach her peers more about the word of God.